Supported Programs

2015 Grant Synopsis

CoxHealth Foundation

$341,702.00 - Respecting Choices ®.  Respecting Choices ® is a nationally recognized evidence based Advance Care Planning model of care developed by Gundersen Health in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  Respecting Choices® is the basic foundation for weaving Advance Care Planning discussions into the routine of good patient care.  The program encourages patients to communicate:  This is what I do (and do not) want to keep me going, and this is who will speak for me when I cannot. 

CoxHealth Foundation

$130,188.00 -TPOPP (Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences). HFO is funding the TPOPP program in its second year at CoxHealth.  TPOPP provides a method for transferring a person’s treatment preferences into medical orders that are recognized through the health care continuum (home care, hospitals, nursing homes, hospice care, and first responders).

Mercy Health Foundation Springfield

  • $10,000.00 - Hospice Seminar.  HFO will provide a grant for a specialty seminar for physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses for Mercy and non-Mercy medical professionals for training in the qualifications for palliative care and/or hospice services.
  • $ 1,194.00 - Mercy Hospice Springfield to acquire training materials for hospice volunteers.
  • $ 4,882.00HeartPrints.   Funding will support Mercy’s pediatric hospice program to provide memory boxes, hand/foot molds and other assistance for grieving from the loss of a child.
  • $ 1,830.00 - two IPads with locking stands that will be used by Mercy patients to communicate with loved ones as they near the end of life.

Mercy Hospital Lebanon

$6,479.96 to provide upgrades to the palliative care room to ensure a more comfortable, compassionate stay for patients’ families as their loved ones near end-of-life.

Mercy, Oxford and Seasons Hospices

$11,270.00 for a joint effort between the three largest nonprofit hospices in Springfield to provide for fifty Nurse Assistants to receive EDNA training.

Missouri Hospice and Palliative Care Association

$34,000.00 – to convert the online Nurse Assistant’s education program, EDNA, to the Spanish language in 2016.

Oxford HealthCare

$20,000.00 - Hospice Music Therapy.  Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks extends its support for a second year for the hospice music therapy program to help patients spend their last days in a more peaceful state

Springfield Greene County Library

$39,684.08 - Enrichment Series on Death & Dying. The series will provide informal, stress-free access to information and facilitate and encourage conversations on end of life matters in an atmosphere where people will feel at ease hearing and discussing issues that are often times difficult.  Among the presenters will be Harvard Medical School physician and writer, Dr. Angelo Volandes, and Roz Chast, a cartoonist for “The New Yorker” and author of “Can’t We Talk about Something More Pleasant?”

Texas County Memorial Hospital

$2,300.00 to provide hospice education for Texas County Hospice of Care staff.

Community Education and Outreach

We strive to connect with individuals in our region who are suffering with end of life issues, and organizations that provide services for them.  We have supported programs designed to familiarize the public with the resources that are available when the need for end of life care arises, and which challenge individuals to think about making the journey to end of life a good one.
To accomplish this, we have provided funding for

  • Lost & Found Grief Center's Capital Campaign for a counseling office
  • Cox Health to develop and implement TPOPP (Transportable Physician Orders for Patient Preferences)
  • Development and publishing of a resource journal for physicians and health care providers on end of life issues with the Greene County Medical Society.
  • Broadcasts of “A Lion in the House”, “The Forgetting:  A Portrait of Alzheimer’s”, “Aging in America:  the Years Ahead”, "Caring for Mom and Dad" and “And Thou Shall Honor” with Ozarks Public Television.
  • Books and other resources on hospice and end of life topics for the Greene County Library.

Program Support

Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks believes educating those around us through events, community involvement and seminars is important.  Thus, grants have been given for

  • Training families and professional caregivers on dementia issues at the end of life.
  • Women diagnosed with gynecological cancer through GYNCA for their mentoring, support groups and non-medical financial assistance programs.
  • Continuing Touch, a program with Oxford Hospice, which assists patients who have decided to postpone or stop hospice care, but who plan to continue hospice at a later date.
  • Coping with Grief at the Holidays, a program with Lost and Found Grief Center, to help the bereaved at this difficult time of year.

Professional Support

We recognize that continuing education for health professionals is an important aspect of our mission.  Grant support has provided

  • Funding to develop and update EDNA curriculum (end of life education for the Nurse Assistant), a 9-module certified program now available online for training through MHPCA.
  • More than 150 sessions of EPEC (Educating Physicians on End of life Care).
  • Educational programs at assisted living and long term health care facilities.
  • Funding for 5 health care professionals to attend a Respecting Choices Conference, Lacrosse Wisconsin to learn more about Advanced Care Directives  and how such a program might benefit Southwest Missouri.

Complimentary Therapy – Music Therapy

Complimentary therapies are an important aspect of end of life care.  Music can be used to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs.  Music Therapy can be an important part of an interdisciplinary treatment plan to help alleviate pain, elevate moods, calm or sedate, and combat depression of hospice patients.

Hospice Foundation of the Ozarks has provided:

  • Scholarships for music therapy students at Drury University to study and specialize in hospice music therapy.
  • Conference and consulting with Russell Hilliard, PhD, Founder of the Center for Music Therapy in End of Life Care, Chicago, IL.